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Cambourne Tutoring and Assessing has been successfully assisting the children and adults of Cambourne and the surrounding area with various aspects of their education.  We have 25 years of experience in education in the private and state sectors as well as home tutoring, adult education, prison education and home schooling.  As such we fully understand the needs of the student in all forms. 

Katherine Papageorgiou is fully qualified with a lapsed APC from the British Dyslexia Association.

She holds PMM, MDG and MBPsS as well as BSc hons Biology, BA hons Psychology and Advanced Post Grad Dip in Maths Difficulties. 

In the past we have helped students pass the maths and the English exams for entry in Teacher Training, helped students improve GCSE grades, move from failing at maths to being one of the top students in the year, pass A levels they thought they were going to fail. improved grades by doing one off sessions on a particular topic, aided students to pass exams by helping them develop the typing speed they need to be allowed to type as an access arrangement. We have helped students get EHCPs, by providing the correct information and the correct level of detail on their reports.  We have also provided memory training to help overcome working memory deficit.

We are fully trained and qualified in the following areas;

Maths remediation  and assessing

Dyslexia remediation and assessing

Science, Biology and Psychology

Cogmed (tm) memory training

TTRS (tm) typing program

Easyread (tm) reading program

We offer full dyslexia and dyscalculia assessments with comprehensive reports and we offer inclusive follow up with the school where necessary or desired.

We offer tutoring in maths, literacy, and science up to GCSE for those who are struggling in particular areas.

We also offer tutoring in A level Psychology and Biology.

We can offer study skills and learning/study support for those who have been bullied or have lost confidence in education as we have counselling skills qualifications.

We also offer group sessions for Home Educators; doing practical work in your own home, teaching you everything you need to know to teach your child maths in a child centred way with lots of practicals and craft activities or just tutoring to GCSE in maths, literacy and science or study skills advice.

I can offer short sessions on advice about child development and coaching your child to overcome their differences.

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