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Dyslexia Assessment 

Dyslexia assessments come in a number of different levels;

A basic screening test which is enough to give a diagnosis but gives little further information and the report states the conclusions from your test results but has no further recommendations for development.

This type of assessment can take as little as 2 hours to carry out.  

A full, comprehensive report takes longer and will include additional testing materials and time.  This can take as long as 6 or 7 hours, which can be spread over two or 3 days, if necessary, to fit it in around school or work commitments.  This will include a long report with recommendations and suggestions of what to do next as well as a comprehensive conclusion as to what is causing any difficulties.  These are charged at a flat rate fee, normally, however payment plans are available.  

Included in the price is a follow-up visit with you, your school or your workplace, if required.

Cost for an Assessment  price on enquiry

Dyscalculia Assessment 

Dyscalculia is less well known, it is a specific maths difficulty.

A basic screening test for this can take as little as 1 hour 30 minutes.  This would be enough to confirm dyscalculia but not give enough further information for notes on remediation.

A full assessment would normally be scheduled in for 4 or 5 hours and would involve a number of other tests and a more in depth analysis of maths ability.    This will include a long report with recommendations and suggestions of what to do next as well as a comprehensive conclusion as to what is causing any difficulties. This is charged at a flat rate fee and includes a follow-up visit with either yourself, your school or your workplace.

Cost of assessment Under review

If this is an add on to a dyslexia assessment it will cost an additional £300.

Specialist Tuition for Dyslexia or Dyscalculia

This would normally take place on a once a week basis.  It would follow a placement test, to discover which elements of reading, spelling or numeracy need to be covered and at what level we need to work.

This type of work is usually only done on a one to one basis as it tends to be highly specific to the needs of the individual.

Price for one hour of tuition £under reivew

During a full assessment I can also screen for ADHD, DCD/Dyspraxia and look for pointers to ASD (Autistic spectrum disorder).

I will send out a number of questionnaires in advance of your appointment which will enable me to differentiate between the educational effects and impacts of these conditions verses the ones of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

Additional costs will be incurred if you add any other screens.

This is normally an additional £100

Subject Specific tutoring for Exams

This is can be carried out in a fully multi-sensory way with the addition of practical work where necessary, however, you may prefer to do an exam focused approach if your exam is soon.  

We incorporate study skills work in all lessons and support your exam anxiety or nerves.

We cover Maths, all Science subjects,  Literature and Grammar to GCSE Level.

We cover Biology and Psychology to A Level.

These lessons are normally booked on a weekly basis and paid for at an hourly rate.  However, we also can offer longer lessons, one off lessons to cover a pre-arranged topic or group lessons.  

In addition, I can come to your school and do revision work with small groups withdrawn from class.

Price for one hour £under review

Other Services

ADHD Screen for Adults and Children.  Add on £100 to the price of your assessment.

Developmental Co-ordination assessment for Adults only.  Add on £100 to the price of your assessment.

Exam Access Arrangements Assessments must be arranged in conjunction with your exam centre or school.

These typically cost £100 per person or can be arranged with a school at a bulk purchase rate.

An assessment which only screens for DCD or ADHD will need to include a number of assessments from the full assessment battery.  They are priced accordingly and may vary from person to person.

Home education workshops

Science practical work; 

We can do practicals for KS2 work through to doing some of the required practicals for exams.

Take it easy with Maths; A set of 10 workshops gradually helping your Home Education group overcome their difficulties with learning and teaching maths.  This can cater for several families at once, working with you and your students at the same time to show you how to work in a fun, multi-sensory way, involving craft and play.  These cost £100 per family who attends for the complete series of 10 workshops, each will last 2  hours.  

A minimum of 6 families is needed to run this event, a maximum of 12 families.  

Conference and CPD Work

Please make an enquiry directly about this.  We have some experience of presenting at conference and running workshops.  Subjects covered include assessment specific information, intervention specific information and SEN in the modern classroom.

Inset (charged per day for your group or a half day)

Developing maths in the early years.

Developing literacy with hard to reach students.

Revision and study skills.

Developing maths skills and logical reasoning in secondary school students.

Is sight reading ever the solution?

Behaviour problems and how access to learning is a big factor.

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