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Professional development and training

Training or Inset

Workshops or Group Education

Conference, Seminar or Presentation

CPD is important.

I can present to your establishment on topics such as;

The assessment process,

Maths difficulties, across the curriculum,

Dyspraxia in the modern classroom

SEN, not just naughty? Why children fidget and other annoying behaviours.

Integrating ASD into your classroom.

SEN, hidden disabilities and how to spot them.

Bullies and the bullied.  Who should be punished?

As an experienced home educator and classroom teacher I can offer a unique perspective to your group.

I can run child centred workshops on how to move away from rote learning in your science, maths or literacy work.  To help you move towards a more practical and multi-sensory approach.

I can give you materials and help sheets, worksheets and practical instruction sheets to take away.

I have presented at two Open University Psychological Society conferences and I ran a workshop for the Institute of Chemistry on SEN in the Science classroom.

I have a unique workshop which I have presented to parents of Home Schooled children on how to help your child overcome maths difficulties.  This is aimed at parents who are struggling with maths themselves as well as those who are confident.  Other talks are available.

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