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CPD and Inset

Schools can book us to come in to do CPD and inset days.

We have DBS certificates.

Topics we can cover with you include;

Maths across the curriculum: How a child with maths difficulties may be struggling in your classroom, what may be causing them to struggle and how you, as their teacher, can help them.  What maths anxiety may be doing to their performance and how this will affect their performance on your subject.

This can be done as a science department specific group as well as a more general talk or workshop for all subject areas.

Dyscalculia, what is it and how do I spot it?:  This talk or workshop can be done for a maths department group or for the special educational needs department.  It can also be presented to primary school teachers across the curriculum and age range.

How to avoid maths difficulties in my primary classroom: This is a workshop for primary school teachers, particularly early years.  It will introduce you to various ways of teaching all aspects of maths and the order which is most likely to produce the best results.  Mindful of the knowledge that many primary teachers in the early years age range may also have their own maths anxiety, this is presented in a practical workshop format.  The methods of instruction you will be introduced to are founded on educational research and scientific method.

Behaviour Difficulties in my Class.  When is not just being naughty?;  Gain a greater insight into what drives some of the behaviours in your class and avoid confrontations which may end up in exclusions.

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