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Covid19 in the year 2020

This has been a very challenging year for all of us.

A number of things have changed this year;

The way we teach - almost 100% on line now. I use bit paper - try it out to see how versatile a tool it is for teaching with;

Obviously we also need to use a video conferencing tool. I tend to use Skype for this, but other tools are used depending on what works at the pupil's end, some of them are more hungry of band width than others.

In addition, I use Google classroom, which provides us with a space where I can post files to you for you to access alongside me.

The way we assess has also altered - now the room has to be well ventilated, have a large Perspex screen and I use a UV lamp in the room. Face masks are also worn by both parties at some point and parents are no longer allowed to come in the room nor the house as they once were.

Needs Assessments have now become a thing - this a quick online assessment of just what may help you in an exam or the classroom, and is not diagnostic.

This year, I have made use of the time I gained by not being able to go on visits and trips by doing some extra training on ADHD, ASD and DCD. These are all specific difficulties which may impact you ability to learn and in different ways. In addition, it is worth noting that depending on which you have, the recommended interventions may change completely.

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