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Lockdown Again

This is truly a strange year.

Exam Access Arrangements Assessments have been put on hold, but they are stull needed by private candidates.

It is still possible to do them.

If you need to start the process of looking for extra time, permission to type your papers, permission to use a scanning pen to help you read the text accurately, perhaps you would benefit from a smaller room? Or you need extra time to write, think or read. Then you need to contact your exams centre now to start arranging this.

This is particularly true for external candidates.

If you are taking your exams this year you must be feeling very confused.

The exam boards are offering shorter papers, where the content has been split over a larger number of papers. You or your teachers will choose the set of papers you do, you will not need to do all of them.

These may be carried out in the school.

Do contact us if you feel that you need to talk any of this over and plan your revision or do your EAA assessments.

Remember that at the moment full diagnostic assessments are discouraged.

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