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Why do I need a specialist dyslexia assessor, can't I get it for free?

Recent contacts and posts on FB have demonstrated how little is known and understood about the process of diagnosing a SpLD (specific learning difficulty or disability). So what is true and false? 1) A speech and language therapist can diagnose my dyslexia. False A speech and language therapist is a therapist for difficulties with speaking and receptive or productive language. This is about learning how to interpret language and idioms combined with body language. will tell you more about this. 2) A doctor can diagnose dyslexia and dyscalculia. False A doctor can see you for a 10 minute appointment. Any more than this and you will be paying his private consultancy fee. In addition your GP doesn't have the training, expertise nor the qualifications to access the correct testing materials to do this. check out to find out more. 3) The NHS can diagnose my dyslexia or dyscalculia. False The NHS doesn't offer this service, they will refer you on to an Educational Psychologist or give you a list of them in the local area or refer you back to your school or work place. Check out find out more. 4) My reading can be totally corrected by special glasses. False Your visual difficulties and visual processing can be corrected by glasses, but not your spelling and reading ability. If you have; not understood/not been taught/have difficulties with processing phonics then you will struggle with reading and spelling and these difficulties with phonics that you have cannot be corrected by improving your vision. If you are having difficulty with your vision and experience blurring of text or other difficulties then try


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