Mum Needs to Educate at Home

During this period of lockdown, we are all stuck at home with our children.

Many of us have realised that our children have fallen behind the work that was being sent home, right from the start. We began to wonder if we were being sent the work for children very much older than ours.

Many of us in this situation, had been given platitudes by the teachers, telling us that our children were 'Working at the expected level,' 'Making the expected amount of progress,' 'Doing fine and working at the expected level for them.'

These statements hide something important. They are all true, as far as the school is concerned. The thing is: the school has low expectations of children with hidden disabilities; the way that the school reports attainment has changed, now they have an expected level for your child and they only need to report if the child is at it, exceeding it or working towards it.

This means, as a parent, you need to be really on the ball with regard to this.

You are now aware that your child is falling behind the work they are sending home for your year group.

You now need to do something about this.

For me, 5 and a half years ago, this was an easy choice; I removed my son from school and we began the journey to home education.

Within in 9 months; we gained the 4 years of reading age he had fallen behind, we regained his mathematical ability, we re-engaged him with learning and he began to love learning again.

For you the choice may be more difficult and you may be worried about how to help.

Never fear, YouTube is here.

We began to publish our science experiments on YouTube to help our fellow home educators, but also to help those of you who are worried about this aspect of your child's education.

Find us here;

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